Monday, March 17, 2014

The Growth of a Global Village

"Electric circuitry is Orientalizing the West. The contained, the distinct, the separate--our Western legacy--are being replaced by the flowing, the unified, the fused."
The Medium is the Massage

This project was created in the vein of my previous stop motion project, because I was intrigued as to how much further I could take the idea of stop motion and origami. The emphasis of Eastern culture in modern art and modern technology made it easy for my to create a visual analogy for the digital revolution through the construction an origami icosahedron from sonobe units. If you are interested, below is a diagram of the individual unit. 

I'd be lying if I said this project wasn't a pain in the ass. I spent about 7 hours taking pictures in the studio. However, I am fairly content with how my project turned out, and I've certainly enjoyed my time in Digital Processes.


  1. Wow! This sure looked like a ton of work Erin. Beautiful!

  2. Kudos to you for having so much patience for this final project. I'm glad you took the idea of your stop motion further. I applaud the amount of time you spent on the project.

  3. I loved how you made origami (which is something tangible) into a cool stop motion video. It looked like you meticulously and perfectly constructed each piece and edited each frame in post-production. The music was a nice touch as well :-).

  4. Erin, I absolutely loved your video! The fact that you were not only able to demonstrate the expanding of a global village using origami but also incorporating its history as an art-form that originated in the East was powerful both visually and aurally, making this project extremely successful.

  5. Your project was beautiful! I loved the anthropomorphic quality of the paper in the video and being able to watch the complex shape that you created come together. I definitely understood the point you were trying to make of a Global village-- the Tan Dun music and the craft of origami got the "oriental" idea across. I am glad that you added an opening and credits to the film!